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Quick Sunday Brunch

I’m not really a brunch person. Why spend ages faffing around to prepare a meal that leaves you starving beyond breakfast and hungry again way before it’s feasible to eat dinner? So if I’m going to go through with brunch, … Continue reading

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Meet Winnie

This is one of the happier reasons I haven’t been posting so much this past month: our new English bulldog puppy, Winnie. English bulldogs look grumpy but are some of the sweetest, most affectionate dog breeds out there. This isn’t … Continue reading

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1950s Hors d’oeuvres Tray

The more I visit fleamarkets and goodwill stores, the more I realise that one could comfortably never buy another brand new piece of dishware or serving ware ever again. It’s all out there. And a lot of it has been … Continue reading

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Recent West-German Pottery Finds

Right, I’m back already with pottery galore. This insane West-German floor vase was found at one of our usual Kassel region fleamarket haunts at the Herkules Markt in Vellmar. The orange-brown combo makes me think 1970s, but I’m afraid I … Continue reading

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