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Fleamarket Loot

In addition to my usual, down-the-street-from-us fleamarket haunt, we hit a fleamarket in a suburb called Vellmar this past Sunday. It took place around and inside the parking lot of a home improvement store (anyone in need of a schedule … Continue reading

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Rocket Soup

…or arugula soup, depending on which part of the world you’re from. Take your pick! The name won’t change how good (and very easy) it is to make this recipe (the source of which is BBC Good Food.) Here’s what … Continue reading

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Scheurich Vase Find & Current Book Wish List

How’s that for a title that combines two totally unrelated things? First things first, I picked up this cute Scheurich vase (Europe line) on Monday at le thrift for 1,50 EUR. Colour-wise it is quite restrained as far as West-German … Continue reading

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50s Plant Stand

The cat owners among you may not be surprised to learn that Poppy chews on plants: floral bouquets, mini trees, she’s even considered snacking on a bit of cactus. Yes, really. My attempt at solving the problem is to elevate … Continue reading

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Start of Fleamarket Season

I’m proclaiming this based solely on the warm spring weather we have been having this weekend and the fact that the fleamarket was busy yesterday for the first time since autumn. There were a few interesting pottery items to peruse, … Continue reading

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Thrift Store Score

The other day I discovered a tiny thrift store right by two of the supermarkets we sometimes shop at here in Kassel. It’s called Das Regal (“the shelf”) and essentially functions as a shelf rental space for people who want … Continue reading

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Have a look at our new dining room set: I kid, I kid. We spent a wonderful day in Eisenach this weekend visiting Wartburg castle, the place where Martin Luther spent 10 months of protective captivity (and where he translated … Continue reading

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