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Almost Back and Ready to Go

Alien abduction, going off-grid in favour of joining a weirdo commune in New Mexico, lots of work and a baby on the way due in November may be some of the reasons that I have been blog AWOL for the … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree & Winter Weather

I’m feeling pretty smug this year because I finally succumbed to my longstanding wish of getting a fake Christmas tree, in white, not unlike a set piece for Siegfried & Roy’s Christmas special in Vegas. Go fake or go home! … Continue reading

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New Fence Phase One

After waiting over a month, our fence contractor finally put up our new fence yesterday. There’s only one little panel waiting to be inserted on Monday after the cement foundation for the new gate has set, and then this project … Continue reading

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Bathroom Furniture: Molger

When we remodeled our bathroom a year ago, none of the bathroom storage furniture available within our budget was to my liking. In fact, not a lot of the bathroom furniture outside of our budget was to my liking. It … Continue reading

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Fence Prep

Where’d October go? It appears to have been eaten up by the Partial Hedge of Doom (and its many tangled friends): This is what a hedge looks like after years of neglect. Scary. We probably would have neglected it for … Continue reading

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Quick Sunday Brunch

I’m not really a brunch person. Why spend ages faffing around to prepare a meal that leaves you starving beyond breakfast and hungry again way before it’s feasible to eat dinner? So if I’m going to go through with brunch, … Continue reading

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Meet Winnie

This is one of the happier reasons I haven’t been posting so much this past month: our new English bulldog puppy, Winnie. English bulldogs look grumpy but are some of the sweetest, most affectionate dog breeds out there. This isn’t … Continue reading

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